That day I’ll be the one with the watery smile among many hypocrites.

I want there is music, cheer, dance, party and must be of the songs will have to rise high in the air, the cries of lamentation and not of the fake present.

I want to be in death as they are in life, a reckless sinner, without limits and without scruples, hoping to get a reserved seat in hell, because that’s where I want to go have fun.

The idea of ​​heaven boring.

I want to go right to hell, where entertainment is provided by thousands of lights.

I am a servant of God and servant of Christ, but my roots come from the original snake.

They lie and they originate in the fire of Hell, profaning the heat of the Virgin.

I live on the edge, I want to be the first to arrive at the end of hope.

Playing with death, I smile sip another glass and toast to the defeat.

I am a friend of demons and angels, but brother, I despise both of them without restraint.

In life, I welcome respite between the open thighs, spreading my seed and leaving a sign of my fleeting passage, procreating after death of bastards that no one will love.

This is my life, I paint on the mask hiding a smile in the world suffering from a pain.

(Fonte: luigicastiglia)